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The Forum offers the best of both worlds; a city centre location with the countryside on its doorstep. Gloucester has retained its identity, charm and quirks - where other cities have had theirs eroded over time.

Gloucester keeps everything close at hand while providing all the benefits associated with larger Cities: connectivity, education, diversity, open green spaces and entertainment.

There really is something for everyone; with events such as Tall Ships Festival, Food Festival, Rooftop Music Festival, King’s Jam Hip Hop Festival, Gloucester Carnival to name a few. Gloucester City nurtures well-being. Offering easy access to the countryside and calming landscapes, where you can think big or just relax and enjoy the scenery.

Wellbeing at the Forum

Residents of Whitefriars will have access to the wider Forum ecosystem:

Access to 24 hr gym with State-of-the-art fitness facilities.

E-Mobility and bike parking.

Roof Terrace with cathedral views

Co-working facilities



Retail at King’s Walk Shopping Centre

Public Square and entertainment venue


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